Step by Step: Make an Inverter’s power stage (MOSFET)

Here I show how to make the Power stage of an homemade inverter. I’m using the following, Old UPS transformer 2x Alluminium Heatsink 2x N-MOSFET (IRF540N, P55NF06, B150NF55 etc) Screws, spade terminals, wires, etc First we need to place the MOSFETs in the heatsinks in appropriate place so that the heat tab i.e, metal part […]

PCB making process update: Easy PCB at home

The process in which I used to make PCBs at home has changed a lot in these recent months. Now I use Eagle CAD program to draw the board designs. The free version of Eagle allows to design 2 layer boards within 80mmx100mm size for non-commercial use. You can download Eagle software from Later […]

Making SMD PCBs at home: Quick PSoC3 board built

Few months ago, I’ve showed how to make PCBs. The process is unchanged just I’ve started using inkjet photo papers for best transfers especially in case of SMD designs. One day ago Kartik designed a Quick PSoC3 board which he designed for home etching double layer PCB. Today I’ve redesigned his board to fit in […]