Few months ago, I’ve showed how to make PCBs. The process is unchanged just I’ve started using inkjet photo papers for best transfers especially in case of SMD designs.

One day ago Kartik designed a Quick PSoC3 board which he designed for home etching double layer PCB. Today I’ve redesigned his board to fit in a single sided board and all of that was done nicely with only one jumper.

The toner transfer was successful, only at few places the toner didn’t transferred, which was corrected by a permanent marker pen.

Tip: While toner transfer ironing, heat it at 300degrees, and press it mildly on photo paper untill paper starts becoming brown. Then cool it and peel the photopaper. This trick will help the transfer process to complete without watering/soaping the paper.

The etching was also successful. Since the board had a ground plane, it required much less time to etch using ferric chloride.


It looks quite weird after drilling. Seems like the plates for soldering through hole parts’ legs are peeled off and remaining will peel-off when cleaning the board.


Now transferring the text/label to the other side using same toner transfer process.

Fortunately the PCB traces remained there after cleaning the toner with sandpaper. Then I transferred the text/label to this side also.


Now the job comes to soldering the parts. The bottomside of the mini USB connector should be insulated by using a piece of sticker which will make sure the body(ground) doesn’t touches the pcb traces below the USB socket.

The board looks nice after soldering all parts(except the IC).

The board looks even better from the other side.

The board is ready to be sent to the creator of Quick PSoC3, Mr. Kartik. He’ll add the IC there and continue development on this mini PSoC3 breakout board. I wish him best of luck.

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