PCB update: Atmega8 Volt-Ammeter and USB AVR programmer

This is PCB update time. Few days ago I shared two projects made on veroboard. In these days, I have developed PCBs for those.

  1. Atmega8 based Voltmeter Ammeter for solar application

  2. Simplest USB AVR programmer

I have used free version of Cadsoft Eagle to create these layouts, and you are free to download these and use for making your projects. For those who want to know circuit details, click the links above to get details.

Back side of the finished PCB.

Now, front side of the finished PCB with components.

I didn’t had a good LCD. I also used higher value resistors for better Amperes resolution.


The USB AVR programmer I’d used in this project.

Front of the USB AVR programmer below.

I used USB mini connector, also as there was enough PCB space in the rectangular cut, I’ve installed a self status LED. This LED glows only when the device initialized USB properly. I also soldered two 22pf (1206) capacitors from crystal pins to ground as recommended by experts.



Eagle files (.sch and .brd)

Atmega8 based Voltmeter Ampmeter

Simplest USB AVR Programmer

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  1. Vanja HALULIC says:

    Hi Arup!
    I am here on time again.
    Please I have made this VM-AM, but on the LCD I do not have any like to another persons. My friend Arup right now I can not find more yours HEX
    file. My question again is same like before few weeks ago.
    Where I will find HEX file from this project.
    I hope that you will find few minutes time to answer me.
    Best Regards

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