3 volt easy DIY FM receiver by TA2003 I.C

Here is a very easy DIY FM receiver circuit diagram.

It is easy to build FM receiver circuit as the TA2003 IC used here, comes in easy DIP package.

It’s both Am and FM receiver IC, we’ll use FM, so FM circuit is only given. All the parts name is given in the diagram, click for a better view.

The L1, L2 and L3 coils are to made by hand. Take a 5mm diameter ferrite core, or other thing, to roll 22SWG copper wire to make those coils. Use a general purpose 500pF gang for tuning.

  1. L1=4T, 22SWG, 5mm dia
  2. L2=3T,22SWG, 5mm dia
  3. L3=3T,22SWG, 5mm dia

Make the connections of the GANG, coils as short as possible. The audio output should be fed to any amplifier for amplified sound output.

The main advantage of this circuit is that it requires much less current, and operates at 3V.

Please comment below your feedback.

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27 Responses

  1. Pavan says:

    I have 18pf capacitor can i use it in place of 15pf cap?

  2. Bravokilo says:

    Hi Arup, have not set this up but am just wondering why pin 14 is not connected to VCC fro FM? The datasheet for the TA2003 says that it must be connected to VCC for FM and left open for AM.

    Also, why is the coil in Pin 10 called an OSC when it is at 10.7 Mhz? Just wondering cuz datasheet shows what look like a symbol for crystal at 10.7Mhz. What does that coil do?


    I helped many Indian friends build RC transmitter and receiver where I have lots of experience.

    Bravokilo (pen name)

  3. Bravokilo says:

    Again, Pin 10, am not sure if the datasheet meant ,crystal or simply ceramic filter or capacitor.

  4. jeyner says:

    hola que tal que es PVC GANG

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