TDA2030A Amplifier circuit used in home theaters

TDA2030A is a well used class AB audio amplifier IC. This one is mostly used in nowadays home theatre systems for it’s some good features,

  1. Small size IC(package PENTAWATT V, almost size of regular TO220)
  2. Maximum voltage range (upto 44Volts Vs MAx)
  3. Very low harmonic and cross-over distortion.
  4. Suited for more reliable applications without regulated supply
  5. Up to 35Watts RMS driver output
  6. Thermal shutdown protection

This IC require less external components too, making it easier for a beginner to make this on Veroboard or Perf Board. The original circuit I got from it’s datasheet. A little modified circuit below,


This can be operated with single supply line, but that topology gives less output power, hence this bi-voltage topology is used everywhere. We need to provide +/- 12V to it. We can easily get +12V and -12V from a 12-0-12 CT step down transformer. And, as this IC doesn’t require regulated supply, we can feed voltage directly from rectifier with just a capacitor.

Well, the IC costs around 25 rupees, and together with all other materials as PCB, other parts the cost of final board doesn’t exceed 70-75 rupees.

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15 Responses

  1. Ankan says:

    Hi Arup,
    Like you I too am a electronic hobbyist from the age of 12.
    I desoldered a tda2030a ic from an old circuit. I want to use it in my future projects. I don’t know it is working or not. Can you suggest me a way to test it?

  2. Rahul Sharma says:

    please send me a circuit of home theatre subwofer filter circuit which I can use la 4440 ic and tda 2030 amplifier, both the circuit. Please help me Arup or suggest me something else.

  3. RAVI TEJA says:

    hey arup please help me abt how to reduce heavy distortion which im getting in output audio signal usually in the satellite speakers of intex 4.1 home theatre….

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