20 watt push-pull CFL inverter circuit

Here a simple but efficient CFL inverter circuit, capable of diving a CFL, PL or tube light up to 20 watt. You can use this circuit to power up mobile chargers too, while power consumption not exceeding 20 watt. This inverter circuit is powered by a 12 volt lead acid battery, minimum capacity of 5 Ah. […]

Simplest SMPS power supply ever – efficient and powerful – from an old CFL

New to power electronics ? Here is your first SMPS project. But a SMPS from an old/dead CFL ? Yes, it’s possible, with a little modification, of course the CFL’s ballast is in working condition. This simple hacked SMPS is not just a toy, quite efficient and powerful too, while the output power depends on […]

CFL emergency kit PUSH PULL application 12Volt 18Watt

Push-pull applications makes a more reliable waveform output than that of a flyback converter. Thus it can be used. The below circuit have a push-pull transformer, with two Switching transistors, whose base feedback is collected from the transformer itself (self oscillating). This one has output power of upto 18Watt stated at 12V, though we can […]