Digital MP3 cum FM player kit setup


USB mp3 player kit

This type of ready-made MP3-FM kits are easily available in the market. The kit consists of one main board, one connector wire, one USB socket+wire, one remote with battery. ‘Amco’ is a reputed brand in manufacturing these boards. These boards have a 3.5 digit display for displaying song#, equalizer settings, FM frequency etc… These kits have stereo decoded output, just need to attach a stereo amplifier. These kits costs about 140-150/- only(as of 10/2010).USB mp3 kit

But If you are going to use remote, you must buy a extra IR sensor(about 12/-).
If you don’t have +5V regulated supply, you must create it using regulator IC LM7805 or 78L05.

The whole connection diagram is given below. Click on the image to see it in full size. If you have questions, contact me through contact page.

mp3 USB FM circuit diagram

Update: Due to everybody demanding online purchase of this kit, I’m providing supply for individuals. If you are interested in buying online from me, contact me through contact page, mentioning number of kits you want, and your address.

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28 Responses

  1. sisir roy says:

    i need a circuit for hi-fi power amplifier for operating 2 X 100 W (8 ohm) speakers, the ckt must includes pre-amp, bass & treble control & power amp & must be using transistors/ MOSFETs not IC .

    my present circuit is out-of order due to non-availability of transistors.

    if not possible u can provide ckt for power amplifier only with dual power supply.

  2. Prashant Shah says:

    Hi ,
    We are looking for a FM Module Circuit, but it should also have AUX cable connectivity, Amplifier and Speaker. If you can suggest or provide we need 50 PCS for the same.

    • Arnab says:

      I’ve no idea about such a FM module with all the capabilities you’ve mentioned above, sorry about that.

      But may I ask you about it’s dimensions, audio output power, quality of the materials and your desired price ?

  3. Jass says:

    show me the power supply nd other connection this diagram…

  4. Jass says:

    i’m waiting !

  5. Nilesh says:

    I want to buy this kit online. Where it is available ? Please reply me

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