Parts orientation in an Inverter/Home UPS

I have previous posts about many inverter circuit diagram, and those have a good job at a very low price than market available ones. Now, this post is about setting up together all parts in an inverter. Basic inverter orientation is shown.

The inverter kit looks as follows(purchased edition, made ones works same).


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  1. Alexander Akareng says:

    hi, i recently visited this blog of yours and i really appreciate it thank you. my question is do we need to program the ic for this inverter

  2. Yenten says:

    Hi Arup,

    I must say that You have very good knoledge when it comes to DC related things. I tried to understand the AC/DC Thing myself but have never managed to get it into my head!!.
    I amso happen to live near West bengal. Co-incidence or, its a small world. 🙂

    Anyways I just spent a lot of money in purchasing 2 24volt pure sine wave inverters & Four 12v battries (25 plate as they call it). When I tried to connect it to my house something went wrong with the wiring in my house & inverter began to smoke. i removed it quickly & sent it for repairs but the electrician says he needs the circut diagram. Can You please help me get one.? I would really appreciate it. The inverter rating is 1600va

    Thanks in advance


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