Make your own DuPont jumper wires easily

Jumper wires or DuPont wires are popular for fast prototyping, widely used on breadboard project.

Straight to the point, this tutorial is for beginners, who are struggling with  jumpers.

Making your own jumpers is quite easy, and cheap too, at least cheaper than buying them.

Another significant advantage is you’re free to choose the length, quality, colour and thickness of the wires. Lets get started …


Tools and materials

You’re going to need some tools and obviously some wires and DuPont crimps.

  1. Wires, 24-26 SWG, single stranded wire preferable. single_stranded_wire
  2. Dupont crimps, female or male, depending on your choice. dupont-female
  3. DuPont crimping tool.dupont_crimping_pliers
  4. Dupont housing or 2 mm heat shrink tube. heat-shrink-tube

Or alternatively you can use old DuPont crimps, salvaged from anywhere, pliers to do the job.


How to make them ?

If you’ve the crimping tool, then go to this tutorial straight >

If you don’t, then continue,

  1. First strip the wire insulation, about 1 mm.
  2. Then prepare your DuPont crimps, and fit the wires in the crimps.
  3. Solder the wires to the crimps.
  4. Slip a peace of 2 mm heat shrink tube, about 5-6 mm of length.
  5. Shrink the tube with a heat source.
  6. Repeat the process on the other end of wire.

Below, how I made some,


Three jumpers connected to a CP2102 USB to UART converter module.


Have any suggestion or question ? Just leave a comment, I’ll be happy to discus about it.

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