High Performance LA4446 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit

LA4446 is of similar series IC as LA4440, but it is meant for dual or stereo 5.5Watt RMS outputs.

While 4440 gives 6Watt outputs at dual mode, this gives almost same but with much smaller package size.

The IC package is mall but it provides same functionality and special features like LA4440. These are,

  • Low pop noise at power ON/OFF time
  • Good ripple rejection: 46dB(typ)
  • Good channel separation
  • Low residual noise (Rg=0)
  • On chip protectors as Thermal protector, Overvoltage/Surge Protector, and pin short protector

The below circuit is the application circuit of LA4446 IC.

The parts in the above diagram are,

  1. C1,C2=47uF/10V
  2. C3,C6=100uF/10V
  3. C4,C8=10uF/10V
  4. C5,C7=470uF/10V
  5. R1,[email protected]/4Watt
  6. Speaker=20Watt PMPO or 5Watt RMS.

Sample diagram of LA4446 based audio amplifier circuit. You could construct the circuit easily on a Veroboard or strip board without much difficulty.

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  1. Saibal Roy says:

    Hi sir i am made LA4446 stereo amp,but sound out put i get only 1 point,and the buzzing problem hasbeen shon. plz plz help me now what i do

  2. harman says:

    4440ic and 4558jrc0058t please sarket hove hi fi power mo o9417812056 india punjab please back coll sir jee

  3. Febin says:

    Sir plz help me to add bass and treble controls in this ckt

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