Electronic choke circuit to run broken filament 40Watt tubelights

This simplest electronic choke can be built within 20-30 rupees, it can glow open tubelights too, no need of a new tubelight.

Working voltage: 170~300V for 220V tube, 80~140V for 110V tube.
You can use a tungsten bulb of 100Watt rating of 230V/110V as the series inductor, U can use Existing Choke, or use fan regulator coil, or even Soldering Iron coil(min65W).
For the diodes, IN4007 has reverse voltage protection of 1000V, use this of good company(i.e, MIC, ST,BEL). Using low cost diodes can blow the capacitors. For capacitors, use Keltron or any other good company. You can use 400V capacitor if you cannot find 800V one.

Diode: IN4007(MIC) x4                       4/-
Capacitor: 2.2mfd/800V x2     20/-
Neon lamp(optional)x1                         4/-
TOTAL                                              24/- ~ 48/-

Not mentioning 100Watt bulb or other tubelight choke, as we can get it in our house.

Note that you can use 450Volts capacitors if you can’t get 800V ones in shop.

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