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Power saver circuit to cut down electricity bills

July 2, 2011 - Posted in Gadgets Posted by:

There are some power saver devices shown in TV advertisements that they can save electricity bills.

But, does they really cut down electricity bills as advertised? Does they really cut down bills by 50%?

How they can save bills and how much?
They merges the cosine spikes in electrical waveform resulting in less spike height, so they can save bills a bit. They are simply plugged into wall plug and they do that by help of a capacitor. There are some indicator lights in the device which does nothing but just shows power ok. It can save power around 10% actually.

Which appliances power consumption it can make low?
Only inductive loads produce cosine waves and it can be useful in cases of electric heaters, air conditioners, electrical motors, induction cookers, etc.
How to make it?

You just need a capacitor of 5-10µF of 220V or 440V according to your area grid voltage is 110V or 220V. For this, I’d recommend buying the oil based capacitors that are used in ceiling fans. They are just 2.5µF, so you need to parallel 2 to 4 capacitors. After that, just connect them into plug and see it works.

Bottomline: If you run AC, refrigerator, electric water pump, etc then connect a capacitor at the same plug to save some bill.

Good reading:  Thanks Prakash!


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KRIS 2 years ago

Hi guys,

I think Mr. Arup is dead by now… He forgot to leave instruction how to properly install these matter… By the way R.I.P to Mr. Arup… Great suggestion but not direction….


lerion 2 years ago

You should read this first before doing anything…


lesli dharmawardhana 2 years ago

i admire your selflessness


Long long 2 years ago

This trick not usefull


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