Power saver circuit to cut down electricity bills

There are some power saver devices shown in TV advertisements that they can save electricity bills.

But, does they really cut down electricity bills as advertised? Does they really cut down bills by 50%?

How they can save bills and how much?
They merges the cosine spikes in electrical waveform resulting in less spike height, so they can save bills a bit. They are simply plugged into wall plug and they do that by help of a capacitor. There are some indicator lights in the device which does nothing but just shows power ok. It can save power around 10% actually.

Which appliances power consumption it can make low?
Only inductive loads produce cosine waves and it can be useful in cases of electric heaters, air conditioners, electrical motors, induction cookers, etc.
How to make it?

You just need a capacitor of 5-10µF of 220V or 440V according to your area grid voltage is 110V or 220V. For this, I’d recommend buying the oil based capacitors that are used in ceiling fans. They are just 2.5µF, so you need to parallel 2 to 4 capacitors. After that, just connect them into plug and see it works.

Bottomline: If you run AC, refrigerator, electric water pump, etc then connect a capacitor at the same plug to save some bill.

Good reading: http://electrical-engineering-portal.com/the-real-truth-behind-household-power-savers  Thanks Prakash!



    • Dear Arup,
      What is the value of the resistance connected in parrallel to the capacitor? Also please mention the value of resistance that need to be connected in series with the LED to give indication of power.
      An early reply is requested.

    • Pls send the Power saver circuit to cut down electricity bills – whole diagram, how to connect it?

  1. Mr. Arup it is wonderful, but i need more details on it, suppose, shall i connect 2 lead to two end of only phase just after the MCB, or on the both phase and neutral, or anywhere else in the board in both phase and neutral ??? please let me know.

  2. If we increase no. of capacitors in parallel the how it saves the electricity? i think it consumes more!!

    • Adding capacitors only makes the current waveform smoother thus eliminating spikes in current graph so that meters catch a lower point as the average current load.

  3. as u said i made a circuit using the oil based electrolyte capasitor of 10 uf /440v and connect the mov 14D471K in parallel with the capacitor?
    can it work as pfc or power saver? is the value is higher so will it harm or dameges the equipment????

  4. is this effective to air condition unit? by how many % of electric bill can we save out this? i mean by how many % of electric consumption we can save out of this

    • This is effective if your air conditioner is consuming power roughly. The actual % would depend on how much bad power spikes the unit makes.

  5. im an idiot when it comes to this, but let me just ask this straight… so you are telling us that we should just make a parallel circuit out of those capacitors then just plug their terminals right into the socket??? wouldn’t this explode???

    • Yeah. But it won’t explode. Just like we use DC capacitors to remove ripples from DC line from rectifier, the same way this works.

  6. Hi, can you give me a complete circuit diagram of energy saving device and its component list.

  7. guruji(arup) i want to ask that i have to connect capacitor in series with neutral and other capacitor with phasee and then to the appliance or connect the same cappacitor’s one end to neutrall and other ends to phasre

    guruji plz relpy as soon as possible

  8. sir u have described solar ckt in whichwe use solar energy to light. a led sir is it possible to connect a inverter to battery to convert dc to ac and then step up transformer to step it up to 220v and connect our home aplliance load to it

  9. Mr. Arup

    I have 220-240VAC–1KW Electricity meter installaed at my home and want to use only one capacitor instead of using 2-3 2.5F ceiling fan Capacitor.Recommend value of Capacitor.

    I guess it would be 10?F 440V…..am i right?

  10. Dear Arup,
    Once again I have something to say…:-)
    1) There are 30 comments in this page, so many people read your articles, but it is amazing that nobody has noticed that you have mentioned the values of the capacitor as 5-10 F! Please get your fundamentals clear, F means Farad, whereas it should be uF or Micro Farad. 1000uF makes 1MF or Milli Farad, and 1000 milli farads make one Farad! So 1 Farad equals 1,000,000 uF.
    2) Secondly, cutting down spikes and smoothing cosine waves have nothing to do with power factor correction. It is a complex subject, basically dealing with reactive power and resistive power in any circuit. A capacitor basically helps to neutralize the phase lag between the voltage and the current in any reactive load to, thus reducing the actual power registered by the power meter. Consider a child on a swing. If you push them when they are going backwards you will actually slow them down. In order to push with maximum efficiency, the motion of the swing and your push must be “in phase”. Similarly in electricity, voltage and current must be in phase for optimum performance. Equipment such as motors, ballasts and variable speed drives tend to move voltage and current out of phase with each other.

    • Fast note:
      I’ve used meu-F and not uF in the article. If the correct unicode font is missing from your system, you’ll see either a Box sign or ? mark in the places where meu was used.

      EDIT after 3 mins: I’ve changed the font family and now you should be able to see the µ sign under Windows.

      • Hi,
        I don’t know what I am missing, but unfortunately there was neither a box sign nor a ? mark, just the letter F. Anyway, its good that you have changed the font, that shall clear a lot of doubts in the minds of newbies.
        But Arup, you didn’t comment on my second point? I hope I have cleared some fundamentals regarding power factor?

        • Regarding the second point, I have no much knowledge about those deep physics, the harmonics of voltage and current upon loads of different kinds.
          But I do know that there’s just a Rs. 20-50/- capacitor inside the power saver products that teleshops sell in thousands to loot customers.

  11. dear Arup
    can i connect 10 mfd capacitor in my mains electric supply of my house or I have to increase the value of the same.
    reply soon


        am using single phase for my house.

        220V OR 440V ?

    • thanks arupda but I forget to mention that we have 3 ac installed. 10 mfd is enough.
      thanks and regards.

  12. HI Arup. why my capacitor makes an audible sound? it makes me nervous so i unplug it to the outlet..

  13. sir plz tell me
    the chip with blck dot used in door bell to store ringing sound is called chip on board or not am i true or not?

  14. sir plz answer my question that what is that chip called which is used in door bell to store any song which door bell plays

    basically my question is wht is that chip called?

  15. Hi Arup,

    Good to see number of comments on your post. I have 3 quiries. Please answer it.
    1)My house electric meter is of 5 KV – 220V, which capacitor should i use.
    2)How much % it will effect the electricity bill.
    3)What will happen if we install high power capacitor.


  16. Arup,

    One more question.. can power relay of 10 amp helps in slowing the power meter?

    • nd sir if i connect 15uf is it going to harm equipment?
      i ask u this i hav 15uf single capacitor i dont jhamela of connecting2uf capacitor in parallel

        • sir arup i have an internet shop. i need a power saver it because of big power billing in my counry.. can you help me to reduce my me electric bill.

          hope so give my attention to solve it…
          thanks arup….

  17. sir i want to ask i haveto connect the two pins of capacitor as i connect the plug of a electrical aplliance in the supply

  18. Sir please send me a circuit diagram of 4.1 home theater in my email

  19. I understand that the ceiling fan capacitor some is moulted with plastic, can we use this type. Let say only one 3 pin socket is available in the appliance is it that we have to fix another 3 pin socket next to it. Thanks and hope to hear from you.

    • Don’t do it…High MFD may increase Line voltage….!above specific value capacitor is useless in PF Correction….10 MFD/250v is O.K for upto a 2000w Inductive load.

  20. Arup, recently i used electrolitic type capacitor value 47 micro F / 450 v, I connected it directly to the outlet n then my capacitor burst. CAn you explain to me why??

  21. arup sir
    i am use the capacitor but not working still daily 8 unit

    please reply me sir

  22. hello arup,I already installed my capacitor hope my next bill lowers a bit.


  23. Sir,

    I used 10 uf +-5% / 440 VAC Capacitor and attached as parallel with my double door fridge. Nothing happened. My electricity consumption is still same as it was.

    What wrong with me?



  24. Mr. Arup,
    You have given good useful tip and understood. But the conclusion of your idea is not clear.
    I mean, the said Capacitor has to connect in parallel to the individual power sockets, which we use with some appliance. Am I t correct or not. Plz let me know.

  25. Dear Arup

    if i connect the capacitor to the TELEVISION pin & insert in a plug can it cause any harm?

    does increasing capacitors can reduce more electricity?

  26. Very nice article
    1 question though i have 3 phase meter
    as per my understanding i should connect 3 capacitor for 3 phase
    i have already bought 3 440 v ac 25 MFD shall i connect it directly to main power coming from meter does it hurt any appliances like Plasma tv or computer and also i have a 3 phase bore well motor connected to it is there any problems with this type of connection??

  27. he anup plz help me the name of capasitor told me what finder relay used and finder stop the meter and tell me what finder function

  28. hy arup. please tell me know about what is used electrolight capacitor is good or bad

  29. sir arup, can u please give a simple circuit diagram of this with a complete detail of the parts and their value? thanks a lot.

  30. Good day Arup,

    I saw a power saver equipment whereby they connect one wire to Phase and one more was to the Ground. there was no neutral connection at all.

    based on my understanding, any Capacitor, one leg will be connect to line wire and another to the ground wire. This is to Discharge back the capacitor.

    If we fix the capacitor as you instructed, the charge will be kept in the capacitor and how it goin to discharge?

    Kindly pls advice

  31. hy arrup,
    kia capasitor bijli ke factor ko sahi kar deta he kia capasitor analog on digital dono meter par work karta he .maximum capasitor ki value kitni honi chahy

  32. I myself made power saver using 20micro Farad Capacitor. I am saving 1.5 units per day.

  33. how much capacitor is used for a double door fridge it is consuming a large amount of power help me to find the solution

  34. Dear sir,

    i have spare capacitors 25 mfd capacitor +-5% 440vac. can i use it. can u tell me pls how to check capacitor is working or not. i mean capacitors is working properly.

    thankx for your help

    • Insert capacitor to mains plug and switch it on. After few seconds switch the plug off and take out capacitor and short the two pins. Is there is powerful spark and sound, the capacitor is fine.

        • Thank Anup,
          You saved my Rs.1600/- which is the market price of the power saver, but in the marked we used to see the small adapter just about 300 grams weight. what contents insides?, sure not this capacitor

      • Hi Arup Ji,

        My New year 2013 wishes to you !!

        1) Shall we use a 20uF capacitor instead of 10uF ?
        2) Let us know how can we use these capacitor for a 3 Phase connections . I am having 3 phase connection @ my home.
        Pls reply my query.

        Thanks in advance.

        Best Regards,


  35. Mr . Arup

    By connecting capacitor u can never reduce electricity bill as fundamentals bill ehich u r paying is for onlly real power i.e. KWH (Killowatt Hour) by connecing capacitor in parallel u are improving power factor and reducing Reactive power KVAR ( Killovolt ampere reactive) but not changing real power. Real Power is the power which u converting in to use able form of energy and reactive power is not converted into real work or useable form of energy. so u r carged for only real power i.e. KWH. I recommend please clear ur fundamentals.

    • Hi Vikas,

      Thanks for dropping a long comment.
      I’d like to tell you the following,

      The capacitor just acts as a power factor corrector (PFC). This increases PF to 1(or near 1) and reduces the load current (I). Reducing the current, the voltage loss(& heat loss) among the conduction wires becomes less. For example if PF=0.50 earlier and now PF=1.00 after adding PFC, then current heat loss will be 25% of previous.
      Another advantage of adding capacitor is smooth running of inductive loads like fans. If you have an inverter/UPS setup then run in battery mode and light a Tubelight(ballast one) and a ceiling fan, then you connect the PFC to plug and you’ll notice much improvement in tube’s light and fan’s speed.
      This is not about decreasing the energy out devices eat. This saves the energy that are charged but not consumes by the appliances.

  36. hy arup
    i am sajid from pakistan.plz resolve my problam.main ne 4.5uf ka capasitor lgaya he wo work kare ka oil based nahn he tell me

  37. More and more often lately, we see glowing reports on TV and in the popular press about the latest inventor who’s managed to come up with a device that will save you anything from 25 to 35% on your electricity bill. We should not be alarmed (apparently) to discover that most of the “inventors” of these revolutionary products seem to be uneducated and are unattached to any research arm of a university or similar. Almost all advertised ‘power savers’ on the Net are a scam – 100% of plug-in ‘power savers’ are a scam.

  38. More and more often lately, we see glowing reports on TV and in the popular press about the latest inventor who’s managed to come up with a device that will save you anything from 25 to 35% on your electricity bill. We should not be alarmed (apparently) to discover that most of the “inventors” of these revolutionary products seem to be uneducated and are unattached to any research arm of a university or similar. Almost all advertised ‘power savers’ on the Net are a scam – 100% of plug-in ‘power savers’ are a

  39. Sir,
    as per my knowledge capacitor will not reduce the bill as bill is based on for domestic purpose =V* I * power-factor * hr. so if you increase the power factor then current will reduce and so the result will be the same, actually in commercial available power saver they are clipping the pick of the voltage and thus reduce the rms voltage of the supply now our bill is directly proportional to voltage these shows the reduction in the bill but in actual it is just lowering the % of input voltage only. Correct me if I am wrong.

  40. can i placed it on the main line where from the current distribute in the hole house ?

  41. sir I have read all of this articles… I tried this at home but I have doubt if it is dangerous or not.. because a voltage was stored in it.. can i use a bleeder resistor just to discharge it?

  42. Video tutorial please, if you may for those who are into green and don’t know the way of electricity. Arup, you are an amazing green saviour. Please help me. My cooler turns my KW meter spins like a tornado. Of course you will be compensate for your cause. Thanks.


  43. Can I connect the capacitor directly across the distribution box mains contact breaker instead of in the plug. If so will I realise the same benefits. Will I need a higher value capacitor

  44. hi..
    i am electronic student in india(tamilnadu).i like to do this in project so i want to full details above the pover saver details.

    pls mail me…..

  45. hai
    Arup basak

    I am from bangalore,since my childhood i was keen on knowing about electronics gone through lots of books and magazines.u have givien a good insight into power factor corrector circuit,my suggestion is we do use power for TV’s and PC’s ,lighting systems and heaters too, why cant some better circuit for reducing the power bills.
    please do reply.


  46. what happens to your capacitor when there is power failure? capacitors store energy, right? when the power resumed, stored energy in the capacitor is now compunded. How do you discharge the capacitors when there is power outage? Outages when frequent will eventually damage your capacitors – I think your wrong in saying capacitors dont explode- it does explode-esp. dry-type ones.

  47. No offense, trust me, this doesn’t work now lower your bill. I already did these.

  48. The best value for power saver capacitor is 70µF or higher @450VAC. Using low value capacitors will result in very very minimal (i.e. 1-4Watts) of saving. I tried using 2 pcs 40µF and i was able to save 15Watts on my refrigerator, 40Watts saving on 1HP airconditioner.

  49. Dear mr. Arup as you istructed to directly plug the capacitor i did it. But i think it will draw high current.

  50. I have put two 2.5 micro farad capacitor in parallel will this work

  51. Sir Good day! Can we use any kind of capacitor as long as it is 10uF 440V?
    And if i purchase this capacitor, will i just directly connect it to the wall outlet?

  52. hy arup. plz ap mujhy ye btao k main kitne uf ka capasitor lagao meri equipment ye he 1frij, 5saver,3ceilng fan,1 room colar, water pump 1, 1.5horse power

  53. Hi,

    Before you write a artcal, please get at least a fundamental knowledge about the subject. This method is not working.

  54. Hi guys,

    I think Mr. Arup is dead by now… He forgot to leave instruction how to properly install these matter… By the way R.I.P to Mr. Arup… Great suggestion but not direction….

  55. I am no longer a number of the place you happen to be helping your facts, although beneficial topic. I personally ought to shell out a long time discovering a great deal more and also hitting the gym additional. Thank you great data I was in search of this data for my objective.

  56. Hi, very interesting topic. I would like to ask that we have an electric motor (single phase) that is using about 3.8Kw at 180 volts. now a days our main transformer has become faulty and we nominally we are being supplied with 180 volts but when we switch on the motor the voltage drops to 50-80 volts, on which motor spins but unable to pick the load. we tried a 12000 watt stabilizer but the voltage but as voltage drop below hundred thus stabilizer was unable to help us. someone told me that installing PF capacitors would answer the problem. Is this true that if we install the PF capacitors then voltage drops to such extremes might be avoided? if yes that what values should we use. Regards

  57. i have a non-polarized capacitor range into 10uf 400v… i noticed that it has a two terminal on it…. can i plug it directly to 220vac this two terminal?…. and can save % of the power bill?….. thank you very much for your emidiate response. godbless you

  58. Dear Mr Arup,

    My capacitor exploded and I have had to repaint the wall. May I send the bill to you for my full re-imbursement for your crappy idea.
    Sterling Archer

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