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  1. topnik says:

    pls help me to prove ur “great”li ion charger cct. i know its possible to use it to charge a single 18650 Li-Ion batteries perfectly For a 2600mAh battery 3.7v. I build d cct (the above cct) with the exact component value. but its doesnt well finish becuase i connect 3.68v batt to be charged.since last night&not charging…pls where am iwrong? check my reading. batt @
    o/p=3.64v without bat
    ,, ,, 3.68v wit bat.
    pin 1=3.95v
    ,, 2=1.80v
    ,, 3=1.84v 4=grnd
    7=3.97v 8=5.1v.
    transtor.@ e=5.1v ,b=4.86v, c=3.68v. i hv spoiled alot of dis batt .#painful pls help me out wit a working cct to protect my batt frm over charging and too low voltage that damage it.tnks

    • Arnab says:

      First of all, I’m not the designer of this circuit. So I can’t help you about trouble shooting of this circuit. Long time ago I’ve built this circuit on breadboard, and it just worked, never checked the voltage.

      For balanced charging, I’d recommend you to use readily available TP4056 based 1A Li-Ion charger modules.

      If you’re looking for even more simpler way to charge the battery, just put a 1N4007 diode in series with the battery and a 5V 500mA(max limit) power source. This will charge the battery to approx 4.25V at 5-6 hour.
      Sample connection diagram>

  2. topnik says:

    thanks I’m very grateful not sure to get tp4056 here.i ll try d 2nd 5v500.sir am my country light is no that OK. hw can u reduce it to 3-4hrs Max. but did d 358 cct work perfectlym as stated in d article ?.i thought the cct ws meant to charge small phone battery. even @ d demo video posted… .i like one thing about d cct the blinking part. do u know u Cn elp me copy it out. thanks in advance

    • Arnab says:

      Which country are you from ?
      Increase the current to 700mA, that will charge the battery within 4 hours. And from my experience, it’s safe, I’ve replaced AA batteries from all of my torches with old laptop batteries, and they’re charged with a single 1N4007 diode, runnning over an year without problem.

      As I said it before, I know nothing about the working of this circuit, sorry about that, and the original creator no longer maintains this site.

  3. topnik says:

    Nigeria .sir hop the Batt did not overcharge and even when it exceed d the time. as d diode regulate d cct n protect .am confused. sir did u apply any rule to get it or is it try n error for( 700ma.) and hw can I get archive that 700 bcos I never come across such xformer. common type r 300 500 1A 1.5A 2a. I hv 500 n 1A. how Cn I reduce d current only.? thanks fr d idea.

  4. topnik says:

    what u said I should do is too simple. just a diode 5volt n 500 current..sir what is ur transformer o/p reading. (no load.) I think diode allow current n volt flow I one direction.

    • Arnab says:

      I’m not using a transformer, just an old mobile charger.
      You can reduce the current simply by using a 1 Ohm 1/2 watt resistor in series with the diode, but there will be loss of power, so it’s better not to use it.

      And please don’t call me “Sir”, there’s no need of that, I’ll be happy if I could happy you in future, stay connected.

  5. topnik says:

    am to do what u hv said and I ll gv u d feedback .when our light stage a bit..thanks a lot.

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