Super 3 stage resistor and continuity checker

The following continuity tester have a long range as well as mid and low range. There are 3 LEDs and they are for different ranges.

The yellow one glows if test line is continuous or resistor is upto few 100?s of Ohms, the red led will glow for about range of 0-10?s of kiloohms and the green one will glow for 0-10?s of megaohms.

To check if a resistor is cut or good, no need of buying a multimeter, you can make this tester at 20Rs only.

This is powered by the onboard 3V CR2032 battery and uses no battery if testpoints are isolated. So one CR2032 battery will last for years. Hence, there is no need of a on-off switch.

The schematics is also simple.

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