Simple powerful and portable amplifier by BEL 1895 I.C

his is a very simple and easy to use audio amplifier using I.C BEL(Bharat electronics limited)1895 , a very common IC. This circuit can run on 3V to 6v , making it easy to use in pocket amplifier. Cost is under 25/-

Parts list:

  1. BEL1895 I.C (DIP8),
  2. C1 = 470uF/10V,
  3. C2 = 1000uF/16V,
  4. C3 = 220uF/10V,
  5. C4 = 100uF/10V,
  6. C5 = 4.7uF/10V,
  7. C6 = 47pF,
  8. C7,C8 = 1uF,
  9. R1 = 47Ohm,
  10. R2 = 470Ohm,
  11. R3 = 100K,
  12. R4 = 1Ohm,
  13. R5 = 10K V/C,
  14. A speaker, offcourse
Total cost is around 20-30 rupeess(INR) or 0.6USD.

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  1. Tareq says:

    Hi, I am making a Audio Door Phone. The circuit is based on a BEL 1895 audio amplifier IC. I couldn’t find BEL 1895 IC in the market. Which IC can I use instead of BEL 1895 IC? Please can anyone help me? I am also using UM66 IC in this circuit. The power supply is 9 volt.

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