OSSDAS rev. beta

This is current revision of the OSSDAS project. This new beta design is as follows. After few days this design will go to a board house. Now just touching it for perfection. Any features/suggestions are welcome.

Features added:

  1. Current sense through even lower valued resistor and using op-amp to multiply the very low drop voltage. Symmetrical to a low side CSA.
  2. Integrated charging control. Charging path from solar panel to battery goes through CSA, FUSE, DIODE, INDUCTOR, and a MOSFET. The MOSFET is driven by the micro controller.

Still I’m not publishing the software because it’s not well written and structured. Will publish the software after few more days.

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4 Responses

  1. nitish says:

    i want a help that how to connect this ckt to an audio amplifier bcoz i have an audio amp of double ICs of TDA2005. can u tell me where this ckt is to be connected before amp or after amp.also tell how much range(min. & max.) of voltage can i give it.

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