How to save solder wire

We use a lot of solder for doing our projects, repair jobs, etc. But when we think simply that we replaced a part/component, we use new solder wire to solder the parts. But the previous damaged part was also soldered, and what happened to that solder? Yes, they can be reused. They usually stock in our desoldering pumps, or wicks. The solder in wick is fixed, but the solder dust in pumps can be reused. More than 50% of solder can be recovered from there by adding all solder dust and particles together. Then we heat them, with a little help of a flux, we can reform it to a solder ball. In the below video, we see how and what quantity of solder is being recovered from a desoldering pump.


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Steveon August 30, 2011 – 2:17 am

..and I thought I was cheap!

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